Our Key Differentiators

Comprehensive Compliance Solution and  Best Practices Libraries

The Unique value of the Enterprise Governance, Risk and Compliance solution (Dynaflow Compliance) is that the Dynaflow solution combines both a comprehensive software solution and proven Best Practices knowledge libraries together, to address all requirements of your GRC/ERM deliverables. Your project benefits from day one of an embedded library of Business Risks and Controls covering all COSO, COBiT and ISO elements, providing a proven benchmark for your project and audits. Furthermore, Dynaflow is the only global provider to deliver predefined SoD libraries for all major ERP platforms (SAP, Baan, Oracle, AX, etc…) not only able to fully automate the Segregation-of-Duties (SoD) scan, but more importantly, to monitor dynamically cross-applications conflicts.

Dynaflow Case Management implemented in less than 8 weeks

The Dynaflow Case Management Solution differentiates itself by its short cycle to generate benefits and savings. It can usually be fully implemented in less than 8 weeks, from implementation project kick-off to going Live. One of the enablers of this rapid deployment is the ease of use of the tool itself, you do not need to be a developer to define and execute a workflow. The solution also comes with many pre-defined processes which can be used out-of-the-box, also contributing to a simplified and quicker implementation. The resulting total cost of ownership of the Dynaflow Case Management Solution is best in its class.

Full Access to Up to date Process Knowledge

The Business Process and Knowledge Management Solution from Dynaflow ensures that all users of any transactional ERP system have full access to up to date and current knowledge on how to execute their task in a quality manner.  All documentation and information is dynamically configured at the time needed which ensures that the users are always presented with accurate information, resulting in standardized operations and processes across your global organization. Finally, the BP&KM Solution not only delivers extended business process modeling capabilities (ARIS, VISIO, DEM etc), it also provides process optimization functions to support your important re-engineering projects and your performance monitoring.