Dynaflow Audit Management


  • Streamline (Internal) Audit Process
  • Reduce Audit Costs
  • Document Business Controls
  • Ensure Completeness and Relevance and Effectiveness of implemented Business Controls
  • Timely Inform Management about Audit Results


  • Planning Audits according to pre-defined Audit Periodic Scheme
  • Assigning Audits to (Internal) Auditors
  • Supporting Workflow controlled Audits
  • Escalating Issues to the responsible Managers
  • Monitor and Report on Remediation


  • Workflow to assign Audit Tasks to Auditors
  • Evidence registration to underpin the Audit Findings and to collect Evidence for External Auditors
  • Dynamic Rules to route Failed Tests to responsible Manager for remediation
  • Extended logging to have the audit trail available in case of further Investigations