Dynaflow Identity & Access Management


  • Safeguard IT Systems to prevent unauthorized Access
  • Detect unauthorized Access and trigger remediation Action
  • Manage Access Change Requests
  • Prevent Access Changes to introduce new SoD Conflicts
  • Reconcile HRM domain data with IT User data


  • Periodically assessing the current Accesses and Authorizations
  • Monitoring actual System Access and trigger (temporary) blocking of User Accounts
  • Review Super Users Accounts and Super User logfiles
  • Automatic initiation of Access Requests (e.g. new employees)
  • What-if analysis of Role Changes to prevent new Conflicts


  • Periodic Access Review with configurable review scheme
  • Workflow to support multi-step reviews and trigger additional resolution
  • Workflow to support Request and Approval Process for Access or Role Changes
  • End-to-end User and Role Change Management across different Applications