Dynaflow Risk Management


  • Efficient Risk Management
  • Ensure Business Continuity
  • Make better Decisions
  • Minimize Insurance Costs
  • Work for a Healthy Firm
  • Safeguard Firms Reputation


  • Raising Risk Awareness by identifying, assessing, prioritizing and estimating Risks
  • Periodically Assessing Risks and Risk prevention measures to control your Risk Exposure
  • Controlling and monitoring Strategic, IT, Legal, Regulatory, Capital and Liquidity Risks
  • Supporting whistle blowing Process according to Legal and Regulatory Requirements


  • Risk Register to enable a quick start of identification and documentation
  • Planning and monitoring Assessment and documentation of Risks and Risk Indicators.
  • Classifying Risks into Operational, Legal, IT, 3rd Party, Credit & Market and Business Risks
  • Reference to the Standards and Regulations, such as SOX, Basel II and III, ISO 31000, COSO, NIST, etc.