Dynaflow Workflow Management


  • Shorten process-cycle time (throughput time)
  • Optimize resource usage by balancing workload
  • Save costs by replacing physical and paper-based tasks
  • Open the ‘black-box’ of process steps and inform stakeholders about current status of their ‘case’


  • Map and automate processes in a non-technical User Interface
  • Bind Roles for Execution and Management of the Flow
  • Allow Ad-hoc changes for flexible Exception Handling
  • Log all transactions and executed steps for later audits and analyses
  • Monitor deadlines and flag overdue cases for corrective action


  • Process library for purchase requisitions, capital expenditures, employee on-boarding and many others
  • Easy to use modeling user interface for rapid implementation and deployment
  • Responsive Worklist for Desktops, tablets and mobile phones
  • Integrations with ERP applications to involve non-ERP users in the workflow process without additional licenses