Webinar Invitation: Mitigating SoD Risks in Syteline

Leen RoeleveldNews

Some business risks are obvious. A pandemic will be on all risks check lists in future. Other risks are more hidden. Such as risks, due to weaknesses in segregations of duties (SoD), or risks associated to unauthorized access to sensitive data. Those risks can still have a significant negative financial impact on your company.

Whether you are a finance, IT security or audit professional, segregation of duties should become an integral part of your internal control framework and security strategy. As it relates to your Syteline environment, segregation of duties reporting is paramount to ensure you mitigate risks associated with both internal and external threats.

Dynaflow was scheduled to present at the Syteline User Group annual conference, scheduled for April 6th-8th in Orlando, Fl. Since the conference was cancelled, we would like to bring the content to you in a Webinar format.

Join us at 10.00AM EDT or 10.00AM PDT (1.00PM EDT) on Thursday, June 4th

In the webinar, you’ll see how you can understand, identify and mitigate SoD risks, sensitive data risks and/or access risks. Then, we’ll present the periodic review process, so only relevant accesses are assigned to a user, based on current role and responsibilities.

After attending the webinar, Dynaflow offers each Syteline User, the opportunity to have their SoD conflicts identified (for standard Syteline Forms) and Dynaflow will do a first high level assessment and present these results back to you in a 1-hour web-session, all free of charge.

Reserve your seat and join our webinar! We hope to meet you at June 4th!