Dynaflow Celebrates 15 Years in Business

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Dynaflow the leading provider of Governance Risk and Compliance / Enterprise Risk Management and Workflow Automation Solutions celebrates 15 years in business.

Montreal, November 20th, 2012

Dynaflow, established in 1997, pioneered in the area of Business Process Modeling and Knowledge Management . Over time this was complemented by a full Workflow Automation Solution. Dynaflow Workflow brings the focus back to the process activity, rather than the business applications. Application menus, mostly IT driven, are replaced by an easy-to-use “User Worklist”. Real-time task notifications, sent to user’s desktop / smart phones and or tablets, ensure an efficient flow of work and remove the burden from the user’s shoulders to navigate increasingly complex ERP software to locate the transaction needing attention. The ability to automate the distribution of business tasks and to provide a single interface to users collaborating on tasks that involve crossapplication transactions is, by itself, a key evolution from the standpoint of end-to-end EAI integration and operations.

With a solid base in Business Process Management and Workflow Automation it was a natural evolution to also provide solutions for Governance Risk and Compliance and Enterprise Risk Management. As documented by various major Analysts, Governance Risk and Compliance Solutions should be intertwined with Business Process Management and automated with Workflow execution. The Dynaflow solution for Risk Management and Compliance, Dynaflow Compliance, is one of the few solutions that extend the Business Process Management and Workflow Automation capability enabling organizations to document compliance policies and procedures, capturing full audit trails and approvals. To ensure compliance, testing activities are scheduled and the right people are notified at the right time to ensure that these activities are performed in time. Notifications can be generated in case of non-timely execution or in case testing results show a non compliance situation.

The Dynaflow Compliance solution further comes with pre-defined SoD Conflict Rules Libraries for multiple ERP applications such as SAP, Oracle, Infor ERP LN (Baan), Infor ERP Syteline and others enabling companies to fully automate the Segregation of Duties validation. Given the large amount of data involved and the constant changes in people and processes, organizations such as Enersys, Herman Miller and Burgess-Norton achieved up to a 90% reduction in cost automating just this control.

This 15 years milestone has been made possible by continuing to deliver easy to use and easy to implement Software Solutions which provided its clients such as United Technologies Corporation, Tyco, Stork and many others significant efficiency improvements and a quick return on their investment. Dynaflow was recognized by Hypatia Research as one of the leading Governance Risk and Compliance Solution vendors for Completeness of Vision, and Ability to Execute, in report “The Coming Convergence of Enterprise GRC: Benchmarks & Vendors Galaxy Ranking”

About Dynaflow

Dynaflow is a leading provider of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) / Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and Workflow Automation Solutions (WFM). Dynaflow enables global companies running SAP, Oracle, Infor ERP LN (Baan) and many other business solutions to proactively managing enterprise risks, demonstrating compliance and automating business processes. For more information please visit http://www.dynaflow-solutions.com.

DynaFlow Contact:

Name : Mrs. France Martin

Phone :+1 (514) 374-2234

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